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Below is the initial selection of work from an ongoing process of documentation spanning more than twenty-five years; a case of a young website and an old archive. Expanding by the day, this specimen is on its way to becoming representative of our comprehensive portfolio, its diversity, and its evolution from the early beginnings to the present times. Keep checking in.

Mapping an open call
Home away from home
Wherever you are
A city’s historical evolution
A grip on scale
Exploring contemporary Beirut
Modern and contemporary
All for one
Lebanon’s radical architect
Not another fish in the sea
Art, design and community engagement
Clinical precision
Context-driven architecture
On a skewer
Organic and growing
Building moving
World-class regional advisory
Taking to the bottle
Beirut’s modern-classic luxury hotel
Conveying urgency
Strike a pose
One legacy, many watchful eyes
Design, craft and the present
A break on the sidewalk
Downtown living
An ad-ition to history
One address, multiple residence types
(Not) over the top
Poolside lounge
Industrial craftsmanship
On the grid
Hip strip
Fashion inside and out
Yellow and Everywhere
At the heart of Saida
Weaving an image of choice
Looking back, moving forward
The ideal temperature
The wild side
A platform for political participation
A new breed of lawyers
Out of place
Tea moments
The Lebanese fast-casual trend
A taste of the popular
Culture by the youth, for the youth
Artisanal body care
Artisanal kitchen
A family of innovative jewelers
Orderly variations
Focus, fluency, finance
The imperative Lebanese cultural forum
Trust the leather man
Celebrating local craftsmanship
Modernizing the Holy city
Sea, sun and public art
It’s all in the mark
Consumer-driven, brand-centered
Innovative constructions
A curated furniture store
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