Regards sur Beyrouth: 160 ans d’images, 1800 – 1960
A city’s historical evolution – Special Exhibitions Hall, Sursock Museum, Beirut
  • Multidisciplinary design

“Bringing together over 240 rarely seen works from private collections – including paintings, photographs, and etchings – Regards sur Beyrouth: 160 ans d’images traces the city’s historical evolution from a provincial Ottoman town to the capital of a nation state...” The scope and breadth of this show in Sursock’s Special Exhibitions Hall is evident even from this simple description. The design work in this case was fledged fully into a complex spatial orchestration and a detailed delivery of information. After all, it was Sursock’s primary major exhibition marking the 2015 reopening of the Museum. As the main tone of the identity, a shade of blue seemed the most appropriate for this city by the sea.

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