Mind the gap is an independent design and communication agency operating since 1993. Our across-the-board expertise covers everything from branding and communication, to signage, packaging, web, publication and exhibition design, as well as writing and editorial services. From our base in Beirut, we collaborate with local and international clients spanning a wide range of corporate, commercial, cultural, institutional and governmental sectors. Liberated from a signature style, our work is defined by clarity of purpose and the critical approach we have to our profession. Here's our take on things.

Design is an agent of progress. Our honest curiosity and ability to listen ensure a profound understanding of our clients and the challenges they face. Through immersive research, strategic thinking, carefully orchestrated positioning frameworks and well-articulated design responses, we cater to their goals and further their successes. We help visionaries realize their visions.

While we describe ourselves as a design and communication agency, we do not see these as separate practices. Discarding the conventional disjunction between graphic design and advertising allows for a more holistic approach to take hold. Branding in particular benefits from such an all-inclusive method where the brand becomes the central communication component.

We are not interested in difference for the sake of being different, nor fashion for the sake of being fashionable. Instead of a blind obsession with standing out or a preoccupation with current trends, we focus on the genuineness of each of our clients, and how they can make their unmistakable mark on their respective sectors.

Our ingredients are all things text and image and, like any good dish, the work we produce is as much flavor as it is skill. But while taste can vary, perfection should not. The respect we have for our craft sharpens our attention to detail, from the sketch to the press. This (over)protectiveness of graphic integrity stems from a conviction that it is indeed the little things that make the big things happen.

MTG entrance

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The entrance at our current Saifi offices
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