We do things collectively. It surely makes the work more fun, but we also believe it makes the work better. Our agency is a single integrated outfit that thrives on the individual expertise of its members, with each one bringing something particular to the plate. Between us, we cover close to five languages and nationalities, and are proud to mirror the diverse place that Beirut can be. Here's a little more about us. 

Karl Bassil
Creative Director – Founding Partner

A tried and true designer educated in Brussels, Karl has been leading the agency since its inception. He is an obsessive perfectionist and a typography fanatic, takes special interest in strategy development, and has a particular knack for object design, woodworking and collecting modernist furniture. He is also author, educator, and family man. See full profile

Carla Khayat
Lead Designer - Project Manager

Carla is a natural born leader and a central figure on the creative floor. Despite her keen interest in design and branding, her advertising background makes her a bit of a rare breed at the agency, one with the art direction skills and the well-roundedness needed for heading design teams and managing large-scale projects.

Conor Moore McNally
Lead Designer

Born in Dublin to diplomat parents, Conor has lived in several countries on four different continents throughout his life. Trained in copywriting and design, he joined the agency and quickly developed an edge for identity positioning and image making, along with a reputation for sharp text and all things wordy and worldly.

Clara Sancho
Senior Designer

Clara's design studies began in her birthplace Madrid, followed by Helsinki, and later the English town of Reading. Throughout her career, she had experience working with an award-winning designer in her Spanish hometown, as well as a prestigious London museum before joining the agency.

Rasha Jarkas
Senior Designer

With years of hands-on design experience, Rasha is a detail-oriented graphic designer with a particular talent in packaging design. Her role at the agency is focused on design development, making sure visual languages are inventively carried through onto a range of media and applications.

Siwar Kraytem
Designer – Illustrator

Siwar has had the opportunity to work in a number of design studios during her relatively short career, and is one of those creatives with the enviable combination of being both a proficient designer and a skilled illustrator. She is also a silk-screen enthusiast and a passionately active cyclist. 

Sophie Safi
Designer – Interactive Media

With an academic background in multimedia design, Sophie is mostly about all things screen, from animation to web and interactive media design. She is also the main operator behind the agency's online presence on social media platforms and the internet at large.

Nidal Al Barri
Senior Production Artist

A graphic designer by training and the main production person at the office, pretty much everything goes through Nidal; he takes on design jobs and sees them all the way through to the press. He is also the resident techie, handling the agency’s IT and digital archives.

Kassim Dabaji

Kassem is most in his element while taking pictures and documenting everything from design work to life at the office. When not out on site for a photo shoot, he is found in the agency's photo studio moving his camera around, messing about with lighting and making sure images are looking their very best. 

Cyril Haibi
Project Manager

Cyril's education in business and management is in full gear while piloting the cross-agency project management platform, monitoring workflow and making sure projects run smoothly, on time, and within budget. A former national javelin throw champion, he is no stranger to keeping an eye on the target.

Rania Saad

Rania's experience at the agency rivals that of most in terms of number of years, having been dealing with bills, cheques, invoices, payments, profits, salaries and all things money for quite some time. An agency veteran, this mother of three is also the office's main maternal figure. 

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