Women and Municipalities
A platform for political participation – Lebanon
  • Awareness Campaign

The project “Women and Municipalities” was initiated by Center for Women in Crisis (CWIC) – established by Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) – in August 2009. The project aimed at promoting women’s participation in the political life of Lebanon in preparation for the 2010 municipal elections. The capacity building of a selected number of women was paralleled by a public awareness campaign about the important issue of low participation of women in politics, evaluated at 4% nationally. The teaser-revealer kicked off with an intriguing, slightly mysterious, take on the electorial portrait with featureless silhouettes of women and the Arabic slogan “Baad Nakess”, which literally means “Still Missing” but is also an expression of disagreement in colloquial Lebanese. The revealer came in the form of a poster, a billboard network donated by Pikasso, and a TV spot, documenting the first set of portraits in their context and completing the empowerment message.

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