House of Today
Design, craft and the present – Lebanon
  • Platform And Event

The platform, conceived by Cherine Magrabi, brings diversely versed local designers and visual artists together with a network of Lebanese traditional craftsmen and craftswomen to forge a dialogue between art, craft and design. The commission was originally limited to the overarching theme for the first event, but the collaboration quickly turned into a much more comprehensive mission. The full-on orchestration of the project included the negotiation of both the platform and the event’s identities, the planning of the necessary communication material, the design of all applications for print, screen and space, and the development of the literature and all related content from the call for designers to correspondence with the press. It was important that the complex nature of the operation – comprising an artisans’ support initiative, a high-profile design exhibition as well as a niche retail component – be bracketed within a unified visual and verbal lexicon, sophisticated in its details and with the kind of purity that allows intricately produced objects to freely take center stage.

  • House of Today-Craftsman

    Celebrating local craftsmanship
  • House of Today-Logo

    The straightforward mark is classically reserved and the tag-like form facilitates its product-endorsement usage.
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  • House of Today-Confessions logo

    An enigmatic theme
    The theme for the first event was conceived to entice intrigue, and was treated with a fittingly expressive typographic play.
  • House of Today-Applications

    Neat and polished
    The House of Today look is easy on color and big on detail.
  • House of Today-Details

    The little things
    A micro reading of House of Today’s applications shows off some distinctive printed and crafted details.
  • House of Today-Flyer

    A small peek
    The flyer for the confessions show gives a hint of the exhibited material without revealing too much, and carries an interesting text and image dynamic.
  • House of Today-Press kit

    Hot for the press
    A very careful kit was prepared for journalists and media representatives which includes a presentation of the House of Today platform and a detailed description of the exhibited pieces in the first Confessions show.
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  • House of Today-Invite out

    Leaving an impression
    The invitation card for the Confessions show has its custom-made envelope, expressing the level of finesse from the first encounter.
  • House of Today-Invite in

    More than an invite
    As the first public communication on the House of Today platform, the invite for the Confessions show is an elaborate, carefully arranged, three-part piece with a small booklet introducing the platform, an invitation card with details about the participants and an all-about-craft postcard.
  • House of Today-Bag and paper

    Subtle and minimal
    House of Today retail amenities follow the color-scarce and detail-driven identity.
  • House of Today-Website

    A way in
    After the Confessions show, the website becomes the main portal for learning about and purchasing the exhibited pieces.
  • House of Today-Exhibition picture

    “House of Self Imposition”
    Exhibited piece at Confessions show by Makram el Kadi.
  • House of Today-Exhibition details

    Give and take
    During the Confessions show, the visitor is informed at length and is also given the chance to talk back.
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