One address, multiple residence types – Beirut, Lebanon
2011 – 2012
  • Identity And Communication

There are a couple of design traps in real estate sales communication. First, the identity of a given project is shortlived. Because the properties are sold before completion, the sales materials (brochure, website, adverts…) are quickly rendered obsolete. What remains is a name, and perhaps a visual mark lingering to adorn an entrance. Second, the design work is done before the building is erected, so the only images available for communication are technical drawings and lifeless 3-D renderings, making room for characterless (or even out of character) stock imagery to provide the life (or lifestyle) element for the material. For this residential project by Chekerdjian Estates, we adopted a different approach: the introduction of an interpretive illustration by Jana Traboulsi to animate the space-to-be, and the selection of a name with a simple typographic treatment to make it less of a logo and more of an address, without any image-bank occupants. This distinguishing approach was also used for City Hills, another project by the same developers.

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