Elections On Time
Conveying urgency – Lebanon

With plans to postpone the 2013 Lebanese parliamentary elections, the Lebanon branch of the National Democratic Institute – a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization working to support and strengthen democratic institutions worldwide through citizen participation, openness and accountability in government – launched a nationwide campaign against this alarming decision. The multi-message campaign on billboards and posters visually and verbally communicated the urgency of the situation, and directed the public to an online petition lobbying to execute the elections on time, protesting against any postponement.

  • Elections on Time-Logo

    A radical gesture
    The signature mark for the Elections on Time campaign slices through the ultimate Lebanese symbol to portray a disjointed unity, and carries the call for action to sign the online petition against election postponement.
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  • Elections on Time-Billboard

    Dark times
    The billboard alarms the public to the fact that “The parliamentary elections have not been postponed since the civil war”. To make things more alarming, a strong association is made between the significantly larger "postponing elections" and "civil war": the first thing one reads on the billboard.
  • Elections on Time-Posters

    Further cries
    Three messages formed the set of posters for the Elections on Time campaign. Each is composed of two parts placed on both sides of the fractured cedar tree. The black corner alludes to obituaries and amplifies the gloom. From right to left: “The parliamentary elections have not been postponed since the civil war”, “Delaying the problem delays the solution”, and “Do not hold our voice back when you cannot unite yours”.
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