Audi Foundation
At the heart of Saida – Saida, Lebanon
2001 – 2011
  • Identity System

The Audi Foundation, established by Raymond W. Audi in 2000, is dedicated to the promotion and revitalization of craftsmanship in Lebanon and particularly in the City of Sidon (Saida), the capital of South-Lebanon. It aims to revalorize the historical sites of the city and to preserve and enhance its social and cultural heritage. Shortly after its establishment, we were entrusted with the task of creating an identity system for the foundation – operating from a traditional Lebanese house built above a 150 years old soap factory – as well as its sub-components: an old town quarter, an artisanal soap shop, a café/kitchen, and the soap-factory-turned-museum. The system of marks explores multiple styles of contemporary calligraphy developed in collaboration with artist Samir Sayegh.

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