We grill
On a skewer – London
2013 – 2014
  • Identity

Located in Leadenhall Market in London’s financial district, We grill, a skewer-centered restaurant, is a quality alternative to the standard fast-casual offering. The monochromatic scheme allows the food itself to take center stage. The first person name “We grill” gives a welcoming voice to the brand and points directly to the restaurant’s main differentiating feature.

  • We grill-Logo

    and grill, and grill...
    The logotype, with its overall scheme and tone of voice comes off as friendly, honest and down-to-earth.
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  • We grill-Signage

    The way of the market
    Every shop that opens in Leadenhall Market needs to conform to the traditional golden sign, the one and only branding-related rule for the market outlets. Applying the monochromatic logo subtly on the glass allows for both signs to coexist, without overpowering an onlooker’s view of the interior.
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  • We grill-Hustle and Bustle

    Hustle and bustle
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  • We grill-Uniform

    Eat in/out
    A black uniform is designed in stark contrast to the predominantly white atmosphere.
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  • We grill-Banner

    Lunch break
    The flexible skewer element expands and contracts to accommodate different messages.
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  • We grill-Packaging

    Delicious contrast
    2013 – 2014
    The clean and simple black and white identity created for the restaurant allows the vibrant food to stand out and be the focus of one’s culinary experience.
  • We grill-Creative Copywriting

    Not just a logo
    We grill: a business’s name, a logo, the beginning of numerous verbal devices.
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  • We grill-Stationery

    Text-skewering stationery
    As seen throughout We grill’s identity, the skewered logo is also the main element of the stationery.
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