Beirut Gets Back its Museum

Our rebranding for the new and improved Sursock Museum

Sursock-Business cards

A new Sursock
The Sursock business cards, the first to be printed with the revisited identity, carry the basis of the institutional graphic language with an integrated bilingual compositional system.

With new programming, state-of-the-art facilities and an impressive architectural extension by Jean-Michel Wilmotte and Jaques Aboukhaled, Sursock Museum, which has lately been closed for renovation, has acquired a new identity. The museum’s new face will be fully unveiled with the grand opening of its new spaces sometime this year.

The Spirit of a Food Culture

Naming and identity design for eathos

Eathos-Business card 01

A mindset of finesse

This investment brand was formulated around two inspirational touchpoints: raising the standards of the food service industry, and abiding by a code of absolute quality and value. Beginning with the name, eathos is a simple play on words: the marriage of ‘eat,’ and ‘ethos’ sums up the concept of an “eating ethos” concisely and memorably. The visual interpretation of that concept is an equally simple typographic gesture reproduced with elegance and delicate attention to printing detail.

Thought for Food

Our take on branding restaurants

Restaurant logos overlayed

Layers of flavor
1995 – 2014
A selection of 33 café and restaurant logos (designed or lifted) over 20 years

Nearly two decades after our first café-bar identity saw the light of day – or rather the dark of night in the case of the cherished late Babylone off Monnot Street – we present a timeline of our work for the food and drink service sector so far, along with our take on branding restaurants: an article we previously published in Hospitality News.


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