A Rosy Picture

Setraco's corporate profile is all about big things and big change

Setraco-The Setraco story

The road to success
Setraco's story germinates from within developing and emerging markets, localities that are widely featured in this corporate profile.

This recently printed corporate profile for Setraco Group – a 40 years old engineering and construction company operating in Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Lebanon and Iraq – is a celebration of making communities work. The profile features Setraco's history, projects and services, but more importantly, its design puts forward an admiration of grand constructions and an appreciation of their positive impact on local contexts. 

More Than a Sneak Peak

Before the wide release, here's a preview version of our website

MTG studio documentation

Building a record
The photo studio at Mind the gap has never seen busier times

We are very excited to announce that Mind the gap's long-awaited website is (soft)-launched after more than two years of rummaging through the agency’s archive and documenting work that spans more than two decades – a process that is still ongoing. We invite you to navigate the different sections of this beta version, and to go through the first selection of work, which is expanding by the day. Since the content and certain aspects of the site’s navigation are still being revised, tweaked and fine-tuned, we ask you to be patient with little glitches or flaws. We also welcome your comments and any constructive feedback, so please let us know what you think.

Bernard Khoury's "Local Heroes"

The architect launches his first book, designed by Mind the gap

Bernard Khoury book signing event 1

"Local Heroes" book launch event
March 13, 2015

The launch of Bernard Khoury's book "Local Heroes", a book with a narrative component seldom encountered in architectural publishing, was not just a simple book-signing event. The Beirut Art Center hosted a panel in which the celebrated Lebanese architect held a public conversation with architecture critic and historian Luca Molinari and architecture professor George Arbid about the book's distinct approach. 


All That Greeting

A selection of end-of-year messages

MTG greetings 2015

Means to a wish

This year, like every year, we cracked our brains for interesting greeting card ideas so that our clients could send their good wishes out and end the year on a memorable note. Each year, we conceive of new cards that resonate with the client’s identity both visually and conceptually. This time around, some pixel-knitting, object-making, and wheel-rotating action made the best-of cut.

Febrik's "Creative Refuge"

Book signing at T-marbouta

Febrik book signing 1

"Creative Refuge" book signing
October 10, 2014

One of our latest efforts in publication design, "Creative Refuge" was printed and shared publicly during a book-signing event in Beirut. The book was concieved by Febrik, a non-profit collaborative platform for participatory art and design. "Creative Refuge" documents the outcome of art workshops held with children in Burj El Barajne Palestinian Refugee Camp. The book is as much a research manual as it is a window into the creative minds, dreams and aspirations of the participating children.



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