A Property with Rare Properties

Our campaign for Quasar Tower
  • Quasar Tower-Magazine ad

    Building enticement
    December 2015
    A double-page ad in Bespoke magazine splits the message between the building – focusing on architecture and apartment types – and the distinguishing features such as the prime location, the prestigious architect and the convenience of hotel services within reach.
  • Quasar Tower-LED

    Establishing connections
    December 2015
    An outdoor communication campaign celebrates a selection of features: from the building itself and its architect, to the home and the facilities that come with it. The second-person point of view brings the audience closer and delivers a sense of pride to the Quasar experience.

Following the design and development of Quasar Tower's identity, sales material, fence and website, a magazine and outdoor campaign completes the communication framework for this residential project designed by architect Bernard Khoury. Using print and outdoor media, the campaign hones in on the particular features that make this building truly special – as is usually the case with the work of the celebrated architect.

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